The Top Ten Reasons to Be a Member of the Dubuque Area Landlord Association (DALA)

  1. You believe wholeheartedly in DALA’s mission statement: “Better Land lording through Education” to support our efforts.
  2. Holding a membership can help you to get more serious about business and share ideas for a successful endeavor. DALA membership gives you the opportunity to connect and benefit from experiences of others in the same business.
  3. You have a genuine interest in being a better landlord/manager and sharing ideas and promoting good stewardships to become a successful business person.
  4. What better place to practice your business/people skills than at monthly meetings where you share the same problems/opportunities.
  5. You know your knowledge and strengths in this field actually change lives for the better for tenants and families who rent from you.
  6. You know that being a good member makes you stronger and builds camaraderie with other landlords. After all, a person can’t learn, share, and receive support if not present to enjoy these benefits.
  7. As a member of DALA, you feel good knowing you are helping other members and your chapter as a whole by investing time, effort, and showing your own strengths and organizational skills.
  8. Your strengths and experiences become useful to others who are struggling with their tenants when you can be a mentor/educator.
  9. You can have a hand in participating at whatever capacity you want. Your chance to shine is evident in your membership alone.
  10. You will be in a prime position to help spread the word about DALA. There are so many people who are desperately searching for a solution to a landlord problem. Your efforts can attract new members – and then turn them into dedicated DALA members.

Interested in joining? Visit our Membership Information page.