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  • Become informed as to your rights and responsibilities under Iowa Landlord/Tenant Law.
  • Receive a quarterly newsletter from the local Association with news, tips question/answer section, information, and the latest legislation updates.
  • Meetings and programs concerning a variety of landlording topics.
  • Receive reduced registration fee for Landord’s of Iowa annual convention.
  • A voice in the State and Local legislation regarding rental business.
  • An opportunity to become acquainted with others who share similar ideas and concerns.

Make your tax-deductible dues work for you… join today!

Categories of Membership

Member: $60.00 annual
(Landlords and Property owners)

  • Single Owner with one vote
  • Married Members with one vote
  • Partners or Corporations
    • Limited to two (2) designees with one (1) vote per partnership/corporation.
Vendor: $60.00 annual

  • Non-landlord, non-voting includes companies which provide a product or service used by the rental housing industry.
  • Fee includes business card advertising in members’ handbook. (Must be camera ready)

If you wish to sign as a member during a month other than August, dues are prorated as follows: $60 to join plus the amount in the month you actually sign up and you are paid for a year plus the following year.  Example:  Sign in December, the dues is $60.00 plus additional $40.00 to carry you for the first partial year and the following “full” year. Renewal is $60 annually.

We have a Handbook available that is highly recommended for added resources with a CD enclosed featuring over 90 forms, regulations, suggestions, tips, and pointers.  A value for only $25.00

 August $60.00  September $55.00  October $50.00
 November $45.00  December $40.00  January $35.00
 February $30.00  March $25.00  April $20.00
 May $15.00  June $10.00  July $5.00

For more information, contact Jan Schmitt, secretary at (563) 581-0055.