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Safety In Showing A Unit!!!

You don’t often hear about an assault on a landlord in the “showing” of an apartment. It is becoming more common and we need to protect ourselves. What easy steps can you take in protecting yourself?

Suggestions on Showing Rentals:

10 Safety Tips

  1. Always get a name, phone #, and use your caller ID.
  2. While showing the property, keep all window coverings open!
  3. Stay in between the exit and the applicant. Allow the prospective tenant to lead the way, especially in the bathrooms and closets.
  4. Dress conservatively, leave the jewelry and wallet cash at home.
  5. Carry a whistle, mace, or shriek alarm. Don’t feel silly – feel safe.
  6. Carry your cell phone so it can be easily used in an emergency. If you do receive a call, let the caller know where you are and what you are doing for the next X number of minutes.
  7. Use the buddy system. Go in pairs if possible. At least acknowledge a neighbor or passer-by when you enter the building. Be seen!
  8. Never carry anything visibly that has your name on it so the prospective tenant can steal it and burglarize or access your residence or office.
  9. After you show the unit, move outside to continue a conversation.
  10. Plan an escape route in advance.