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Dogs in Apartments?

Mr. Landlord has a newsletter that addresses many issues that landlords use as a “Bible” of sorts.
One question often discussed is “Should You Accept pets?”
Mr. Landlord states in an article that 75% of landlords do NOT accept pets.
It is recommended if you allow pets, limit the size to under 15 pounds.  Most people with pets that size do take great pains to care for their pets.
  1.  Be specific on your lease what is expected of pets in the building.
  2. Screen the pet and get a photo for your records.
  3. Charge a hefty deposit or monthly fee – they will pay it!
  4. Owners with pets usually stay 3-4 years in a unit.  Consider replacing carpeting and figure your costs based on that figure.
  5. Discuss why or why not allow pets in your buildings.
Breeds that do well in units based on 50# average weight-
border collie golden retriever springer spaniel
collie shetland sheepdog dachshund
cocker spaniel
Breeds that do well in units based on 20# weight-
poodle yorkie pomeranian
chihuahua maltese schnauzer
mini dashshund chihuahua
Lack of good lease for control of situation.
Repeated dog droppings in yard.
Neighbor fears of all animals.
Constant barking.
Dead grass due to lack of proper cleanup.
Reprinted with permission of MR Landlord Newsletter