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Biggest Mistakes Made in Court!!!

Mr. Landlord has a newsletter that addresses many issues that landlords use as a “Bible” of sorts.

Going to court is not a top priority for most landlords. The largest percentage of the time, you will not win. What can you do?

Suggestions on Avoiding Court Cases:

  1. Landlords are known to wait too long to take a case to court. First, try NOT to let the situation get out of hand in the first place. Nip problems before they grow. Landlords need to stick to their contract with tenant. Don’t hesitate. Remember, if they can’t pay this one month – then how can they pay two months next time?????
  2. Landlords show up in court with no pictures, no records, no witnesses, no inspection from Housing – and they expect to WIN!!!!
  3. Landlords are Not Clear Enough in Their Leases! If you have a “no pet” policy, enforce it.
  4. Landlords try to enforce things that are not clearly stated in the lease. You are a business! Act like one! If it isn’t in the lease, you will have a hard time collecting on it.
  5. Landlords sometimes think they can be the best representative! Do you lose your temper often? Do you present yourself well to a judge? Are you prepared to present facts and not innuendos?