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Insurance - Is It Enough or Too Much?

Communicate with your agent on a regular, annual basis. It is time consuming, but so important as part of a successful business. If you are insuring under 10-12 units, you can have special coverage which is one deductible if there is major hazard (hail, water damage, etc.) Fire is not included if it is [Click headline to view]

Tips for Being a Good Landlord

Be consistent in all your dealings with residents. Be aware of your rights and residents’ rights.

Never say the word “tenant”.  Use the word “resident”. Communication is the key to a good relationship. Be upfront and frank with your residents. Demand respect and give respect. Be flexible, it’s a “win-win”. Always remember you are [Click headline to view]

Misunderstandings? How To End a Rental Relationship!

Let’s say you are the best landlord (according to your spouse) but you still don’t have a clear policy when a tenant moves out. You disagree on small charges on the return of deposit. Provide a written “Notice To Vacate” letter. This ties them down to a specific date of move out. Advise tenant [Click headline to view]

Is It Time for A New Landlord Attitude?

How many times has a landlord said, “I just want to get my money back?”

Well, we want to be drilled that this is not the attitude we should be taking in operating a business. You CAN get all your money if you change your attitude first!!

Don’t believe the myth that you MAY get [Click headline to view]