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3rd Qtr. Landlords of Iowa Newsletter, Sept., 2014

Mailing Address: Landlords Of Iowa PO Box 322 Marion, IA 52302

Volume 1, Issue 3 3rd Quarter 2014

Table of Contents

From the President’s Desk – pg 1

Legislative Board Members & Contact Information – pg 2

Local Chapters – pg 3

Landlords of Iowa Board of Directors –

page 4

Board Meeting [Click headline to view]

Renter’s Insurance – Yes! or No?

Renter’s  Insurance – Yes! or No?


Do you have insurance on your building?  Then why wouldn’t you insist that your tenants take out insurance on their assets?  First you have to know that a landlord does not take out “rental insurance” for tenants.  What? Actually, you cannot take out a policy on a [Click headline to view]

Can You Go

June, 2014


Can You Go “On” or “Into” Your Own Rental Property?

Jan Schmitt, Dubuque Area Landlord Assn.


No, this is not a trick question?  As I reflect on the many questions I field from fellow landlords, one topic comes up often – what “kind of notice and when” do [Click headline to view]

FAct or Fiction - You Decide!

Fact or Fiction – You Decide

Jan Schmitt, Dubuque Chapter


Let’s pick EVICTIONS  as our category this issue –


Fact or Fiction? The Landlord must have a good reason to evict.

You can evict in a month-to-month tenancy, which is what most tenants have, the landlord can evict a [Click headline to view]

10 Guidelines for Landlords to Follow When Rent is Not Paid

We get what we allow. Be businesslike and professional. It has nothing to do with respect. If you’re in this for respect, you’re in the wrong business! Residents don’t pay out of respect, they pay to avoid the pain of late fees or convictions. No pain, no gain! Just like our kids, residents won’t [Click headline to view]

Rent Collection!!! Rent Paid Directly To The Bank

If your tenants pay in cash, you may want to set up a rent collection system, similarly to the one that follows. Set up a system with your bank. With this system, tenants can make deposits directly at the bank into a savings account. Only give the tenant the name and account number where the [Click headline to view]

Biggest Mistakes Made in Court!!!

Mr. Landlord has a newsletter that addresses many issues that landlords use as a “Bible” of sorts.

Going to court is not a top priority for most landlords. The largest percentage of the time, you will not win. What can you do?

Suggestions on Avoiding Court Cases:

Landlords are known to wait too long to [Click headline to view]

Are My Rents Too High or Too Low? Why Is My Unit Not Being Rented?

A full house in poker is a good hand, but a full house in the rental business may mean your rents are too low. Have you ever considered if your rents are in the range of neighboring properties. Has your city experienced a raise of lowering of rental income in the last several years?


[Click headline to view]

Safety In Showing A Unit!!!

You don’t often hear about an assault on a landlord in the “showing” of an apartment. It is becoming more common and we need to protect ourselves. What easy steps can you take in protecting yourself?

Suggestions on Showing Rentals:

10 Safety Tips

Always get a name, phone #, and use your caller ID. While [Click headline to view]

Dogs in Apartments?

Mr. Landlord has a newsletter that addresses many issues that landlords use as a “Bible” of sorts. One question often discussed is “Should You Accept pets?” Mr. Landlord states in an article that 75% of landlords do NOT accept pets. It is recommended if you allow pets, limit the size to under 15 pounds.  Most [Click headline to view]